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Mission Help

Case of the Missing Puffles

  1. Talk to aunt Arctic
  2. Read if you want, or just keep on clicking on the saying bar
  3. Go to ice rink and look right
  4. Pick up pics and give to Aunt Arctic
  5. Go to mtn and talk to the guy
  6. Go to iceberg if you want to and talk to the penguins
  7. Go to Sport shop and talk to G
  8. talk to him. Say Yes please! Say the special items
  9. Go to pet shop
  10. Click on the note on the puffle house
  11. Decode it using your code. ( it always is something different! but it will always say G HAS ______ PAIRS OF SOCKS. so just decode the second line)
  12. After decoding, go back to G and tell him
  13. when he shows you the gadets, take the life perserver shooter.
  14. Go to the iceberg
  15. Use the shooter PAY ATTENTION TO THE WIND!
  16. After rescuing them all, talk to the green one
  17. Go back to the sport shop and take the Grappling Hook
  18. Fix the crying penguin’s telescope using the tools in your spyphone
  19. He will now let you look through it
  20. Look to the Left until you reach the mountain
  21. Go to the Mountain
  22. Look up and use the hook
  23. Talk and then wait


G’s Secret Mission

  1. talk to G
  2. the word is MOGUL just click on him and tell him the answer
  3. its a sled. take it to the ski hill on the test run
  4. Go ahead and crash as fast as you can because you have to crash no matter what
  5. when waking up, take the piece of rope in front of you
  6. Look left. there is a survival guide. take it, you will need it. go ahead and read it if you want to
  7. Behind the guide is the o berry bush. go there
  8. Pick three o’berries three is all you need
  9. Go right until you see a tree which you can see the trunk
  10. keep on clicking the trunk
  11. take the pot that comes out
  12. Go back left to the stump
  13. Awww! arent they cute! click on them
  14. Notice that the black one is still there. Feed it an o’berry
  15. It now follows you. now go Left to the giant log. Take the ski
  16. Now go back to the stump and look right
  17. Go in the cave
  18. Move to the right and click on one of the stones
  19. Go out and look left. go to the river
  20. look right and take the log
  21. take the pot and fill it with water
  22. Put the rope on the ski, and then an o’berry
  23. Use the new “rod” and catch a fish
  24. take the fish and go back to the cave
  25. Put the log in the pit and then the survival guide
  26. Move the puffle over it  and feed it another berry
  27. now put the fish on the fire and eat it. do the same for the water
  28. Keep on talking to the agent and G. DONE!

Case of the missing Coins

  1. talk to green guy
  2. click in this order:2,1,wait,1,either
  3. Go up to the OFfice
  4. Look right until you seee an orange couch. look under
  5. Take the boot and paperclip
  6. Look left and put the boot in the computer. Turn it on. Then wait
  7. Then click in this order: files,combination#, Then that’s the combintation. (N is top, S is bottom etc.)
  8. Go back to the safe and then click in the #. Go in the safe
  9. Click on the coins. Then say That’s ok, then I don’t know.
  10. Spyphone should ring right now. Answer and go to the hq. Talk to G.
  11. Say yes. Then Click on the screen. Watch and exit the screen. Then say Ok, do you have any suggestions?
  12. Then say ” is there anything else i need to know?” then look in the Drawer. Take the Golden Square key
  13. Go back to the office and look left. Use the key. Now take the white fibers
  14. Using your spyphone tools, open the powa box. Now look inside. use paperclip and throw it. Oh and someting funny happens, it says ow when that happens.
  15. Now go to the HQ. talk to G. say what you did, then the white fibers, then say sure
  16.  Look right and take the Purple thing. It is a flashlight
  17. Now go to the Town. talk to him. Say that’s no good.
  18. Then go in and use the light. Turn right into the boiler room. then look left until you see a metal box on the wall.
  19. This part you have to solve by yourself. So read the instruntions and try to fix it.
  20. After solving go back up and talk to the guy again.
  21. Now go to the HQ. talk to him  one more time and say goodbye

Avalanche Rescue

  1. Talk to G. Try to get started right away. Then ask him where the shooter is
  2. Go in and look left until you see a metal shelf. Take the shooter.
  3. Go to the Ski village and look left. Talk to the same guy again. But take the fibers first.
  4. talk to him and tell him that you will try
  5. Now look at the bottom of the twisty thing. you need a belt. Now go  into the sport shop. Look right and take the belt the model penguin is wearing.
  6. Go back out and fix the lift. Now go in the lodge and look right. take the fishing rod. Now put the shooter on the rod. Now go to the Light house.
  7. go in and look left  until you see a boat. Take the rope. Put it on the rod. Now you go up to the Beacon.
  8. Use your tools to take the telescope off. then go to the sports shop. Look right and go into gary’s room.
  9. Look left until you see a window with a tripod. Put the telsecope on it. Now look through.
  10. It is a maze so try to remember how to get down, ok. But it gets different some times.
  11. Now go to the ski hill and follow your way down
  12. When you are at the end, use the shooter and pick up in this order:  Break the sticks covering the second closest penguin.  Pick up the closest one on the branch.  then the next closest one. then put one of them back on the stick. pick  up the third closest one. Then re pick up the branch one.put them all on the ledge with the rock. pick them all up and now get the last one.
  13. Now when you are back up talk to G. Tell him about the white fur

WARNING! at the end, the letter self destructs. SO READ IT NOW!

Secret of the Fur

  1. talk to G. Now try to fix the fur anylazer
  2. Use the comb in your spyphone to comb the hair out.
  3. wait and now look back out and talk to G
  4. Now put in the new fur
  5. This one will need two scans, so wait.
  6. Now go and find a sample of those items.
  7. So go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the guy. Say “can i help you with anything?” So now take the pizza and go to the ski lodge.
  8. When you are there give the pizza to the fisher. Now go back to the pizza parlor. talk to him again. Say what happened here. Then ask if you could take some things. Take the Hot sauce and the chocolate.
  9. Go to the coffee shop. Talk to him now. Ask for hot chocolate. Now try and fix it.
  10. put the cup under and follow the instrutions to the left. After fixing, take the chocolate. Now talk again.
  11. Ask how it got broken. Now ask him to discribe it for you. ask to look at the drawing.
  12. Now go to the gadget room in the HQ. Look left and take the AC 1000
  13. Go to the Beacon. Talk  to the scared penguins if you want. Now look right.
  14. Use the AC1000 to blow it over. Use your scissors to cut it down. Go back to the Gadget room. Talk to g
  15. Put all of the things in and tell about hte muntant crab being reported around.
  16. take the goggles and turn them on. now go to the ski lodge
  17. You should find the guy under the couch and some footprints. talk to the fisher hiding. Go to the fishing hole. The guy wants a candle. now go to  G.
  18. The bait is a candle. Go get it from the ski lodge. Now go to the light house and get a net from outside. Now go in
  19. Get the rope from the boat and go back to the fishing hole. put the net and the rope together. Put the trap over the hole. now place the candle on top
  20. A crab comes out and the shadow fled. Take the white fur it left behind. take the crab too. Go to G.
  21. give the crab to g and put the fur in the analyzer. actually read what it says this time.

Questions For a Crab

  1. Talk to G. Say the First line
  2. Then wait: the crab escapes!
  3. Go right, then turn right again. Follow him!
  4. Right- Out the door. THen up the ski lift
  5. Jump down. You are back to the second mission’s place
  6. wait to stop rolling. Then Turn Right.
  7. Go to the bush
  8. Left- go to the river.
  9. Go to the “cave-house”. You can’t get in.
  10. Turn right. Its hungry!
  11. All the way left- to the log
  12. Use ur scissors to cut the o-berries down
  13. Take them, they are VERY IMPORTANT!
  14. Right- feed one to the black puffle
  15. Right- to the cave
  16. throw an o-berry at the pet door (hold one and click on the pet door)
  17. Follow the puffle down you get captured by the polar bear
  18. Say first line. THen he tells a story. Just keep clicking on the pics
  19. at the end say the second line
  20. Turn right. Put an o-berry on the red platform
  21. Put an o-berry on the left side of the platform spilling the water
  22. Now put one on that silver one with ropes. Now you are free of the cage!
  23. Turn right- click on the door. AAAAH AVALANCHE!
  24. Turn right to the table. Take blueprints and hot sauce
  25. Turn a bit right and take rope
  26. Take the anchor and combine with the rope
  27. Combine hot sauce with o-berry and go to the door.
  28. Feed hot o-berry to the puffle. U are free! Go back the the cliff
  29. Click on the cliff. Grappling hook+Cliff= FREE!
  30. Go to ski lodge to where the fishing penguin was
  31. Wait for him to talk. Make ur way to the pizza Parlor
  32. Ask for a seaweed pizza. Go back to fishing hole
  33. Drop the pizza beside him
  34. Quickly clik the red handle.
  35. G comes. When he says hello click on him.
  36. When he asks you stuff say the last one first, then then the second, then the first.
  37. Give  the blueprin


MISSION 7: Clockwork Repairs

  1. as always, talk to g. line 1. Watch video. line 1. line 2 if you wish.
  2. now go to the dock. there are some penguins playing w/ the target. you have to play their game to get it. (line 3 first, then 1)
  3. First one is almost to the mid. second is almost to the top. third is at the top. first is less than and inch before target. second is half befor target. third is inch before target
  4. Go to the town. talk to the penguin. any line then line 3.
  5. Go to beach and talk to people to get more info and get it. Take the bucket at the beach. Then you have to go to the snow forts and get sand from there, no where else but there.
  6. go to the pizza parlor. take the sheet of music on the stage. go to the theature and play the song on the piano.
  7. after playing, get off hte piano and give the puffle the poster and sand. take the gear. go to the HQ and into the gadget room.
  8. Turn left to the test chamber. place the gear on and pull the lever. must press the snowflake button. other ones will desetroy it and you have to make another.
  9. Pull lever again and take it. Go left and take the life ring. Go back out and look at the inventions locked up. click on the magnet. in code, put in the word “key” take it.
  10. Back in the gadget room, get the preserver ring on a shelf. then give it to the penguins w/ the snowballs
  11. now go to the iceberg and get the spring back. go back to the test chamber and use the fire.
  12. Go to the snow forts and go behind the clock. Put hte target, spring, and gear back into place.

MISSION 8: Mysterious Tremors

  1. Talk to g. Line 1. keep on talking, nothing will matter what you say now. Tak the brown hat behind him and the hammer
  2. Go to the dock. Wait, say anythng, then wait again. Take the lantern (optional if have night vision goggles)
  3. Go to town and follow the map pieces
  4. Go in coffee shop. Offer to clean the cookies. Then take the cookie he offers
  5. go back to the town. Give the puffle the hat, then a cookie. get the map piece
  6. Go to snow forts, follow, click, then follo to the plaza
  7. Talk and ask for newspaper. he wants a pizza. get him a pizza in trade for the newspaper
  8. take the map piece and combine it w/ the other one.
  9. Get a net from outside the lightouse. Get tent pegs from sports shop

There are two ways to complete the mission. heres one way

  1.    Get cream soday from the light house
  2. Go underground and follow the directions.
  3. Shake it and place it under the gift shop at the end.
  4. Quickly get the net and put it uner the gift shop (make sure you can see the white part of the screen)
  5. use the pegs to and then hammer them in.  Then continue foward
  6. Use the wrench from the spyphone and take the gear out
  7. Go into the boiler room. Any line is fine
  8. Wait, answer the call, any line
  9. Now fix the boiler by switching out a piece w/ any on the screen until both pipes are connected.
  10. Answer call, then go to the HQ. G will be near the map, right from the tv screens
  11. Talk, but make sure you give him the gear.

now the other way to do it:

  1. get the ballons from the lighthouse.
  2. Go to gadget room and click on the helium (left) it says to ask g first.
  3. Talk to him about herbert, then again for the helium.
  4. Take one ballon and fill it up.
  5. Go to the town and put the ballon on the right side where the clothes are
  6. Quickly put the net under it. then pegs, then hammer them in.
  7. Go in to the tunnels and follow whatever the sheet tells you (differs each time)
  8. Once you get into a room w/ a pipe in the ceiling, keep on going foward.
  9. Use spyphone wrench to take the gear out. go into boiler room
  10. Any line. wait, answer call, any line. then fix the boiler by connecting the two paths
  11. Answer phone, then go to the HQ. G is waiting beside the map that is right from the tv screens.
  12. Any line is fine, as long as you give him the gear.




  1. I’m sorry for saying so, but that is cheating totell what to do for the missions.

    Comment by Bob — December 28, 2007 @ 7:18 pm

  2. these ARE walkthroughs…

    Comment by ettafishy — December 29, 2007 @ 3:37 pm

  3. awesome. i couldn’t find the clif for a while 😀
    PS- I just saw Rockhopper for the Second time

    Comment by Shadow Kt — January 26, 2008 @ 2:29 am

  4. wtf –>2007!<—

    didn’t the last few missions come before these comments?

    Comment by birdpecky99 — November 18, 2008 @ 8:59 pm

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