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Game Tips

Here are some of the best tips on how to get the most coins in a game.

Puffle roundup.

  • Don’t just go for one puffle, because they all are worth the same!
  • Try to get them all at the front of the building, or try to get one side in at a time:puffle.jpg
  • To get them together, move your mouse up and down, or side to side to bring them together

After the a few rounds (either the 4th or 3rd) , i was up to 300 coins!

Astro barrier

  • Try to shoot the farthest one away, if possibe
  • Think about how it will work, there is no time limit
  • If there is a part that it tells you to do something, like when you hit a switch, actually shoot! it gives you extra points

Cart Surfer

  • For tricks, start with down arrow, space. Then do space, right/left arrow/ Only tap on it. Don’t hold it down. Just continue the pattern, and do down arrow, left/right arrow.
  • Turn lime green because it will make you go faster, which means more points!
  • It is sometimes good to crash, because it gives you a little bit of extra time on the track. BUT DON’T OVERDO IT!

I get around 300+ in the gamecoin.jpg 

Sled Racing

Nothing much but to try bunnyhill first. Make your way up to Ridge Run, although make sure that you pay attentinon to whats in front of your penguin.

Ice Fishing

  • Im sure that if you played it before, there is the big fish in the end, named Mullet. To catch him, at the end of the game, things start to clear up. At that time, always keep a fish on your line. Then, when one comes, raise that one up and catch the other one. Hold it in the mid. of the screen until mullet comes:



Jetpack Adventure

  • Always get the fuel, even if you dont need it
  • Ignore the first tip on levels 3,4,5
  • On 3,4,5 get the gas when you have 1/4 to  1/2 left. Thats when it will be mose efficient
  • On each level execpt lvl 1, there is a 1-up


  • After you make one pizza, go ahead and quickly grab another handful of cheeze(or sprinkles), then place it off of the screen where the pizza comes in. If you placed it at the right time, the pizza should come out with the cheeze/sprinkles on it.

PBL: Burnt Out Bulbs

Most people dont know this yet, because PBL  is new. But you can get more than 220 coins in B.O.B. On each page, there is a secret coin (execpt for the last).

  1. After you type in “on halloween”  use ur mouse to whack the puck to the left side of the page. that will knock a coin to the screen
  2. At anytime on the second page, scroll your mouse to the top-left corner. The mouse will act like a flashlight and uncover a coin
  3. At the lighthouse you have to click and drag the piano top, and then a coin will appear under it
  4. Click on one of the ropes on the cookoo clock. The bird will quickly pop out and come back in, carring the coin
  5. You have to quickly drag the floor off, and when there is no floor, take the coin
  6. If you chose alien, then drag a lava dot from the lava lamp into the other lamps. they will light up and a coin will appear
  7. If you chose alien, then drag one of the spaceships back into the cooler/javabag/barrel

      6. if you chose Viking, then open the fireplace all the way. then take a torch from the wall to light it.     Close the fireplace. Then A coin will come out of the fish.

      7. if you chose viking, then wait a bit and you will see part of a coin under the puffle on the right. if not, then type a bit more and try to turn it

     6. if you chose dj, then match the first 6 colors on the painting with the dance floor.

     7. if you chose dj, lift the bottom circle and a coin is on it.


PBL: My Puffle

  1. when the door is open, open it more
  2. Cove- Pick up the wig(must be fast!)
    Dock-Click the pumper handle
    Forest- Pick up the fireman’s hat
    Beach- pick up the unused bucket
  3. Cove- Pick up stairs and drop. the coin will bounce up for a moment (also fast!)
    Dock- Pick up Boat
    Foreset- Pick up the Rock
    Beach- Pick up the Lighthouse
  4. Drag the sky down, and the coin will bounce back up, so be quick!
  5. Same as step four, but the coin can move and curve.

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